How to Set Up a

Circus Big Top

This is the way the Carson & Barnes circus sets up its big top!

First the tent is laid out flat. Stakes are driven into the ground all around and tied to the tent.

The first two upright poles are inserted by hand on each side of an opening.

More upright poles are added inside by hand until there is just enough room to...

...bring in an elephant.

As more space is created, more elephants come in to help raise the poles inside the tent, working from one end to the other until the entire tent is raised.

The elephants pull the poles vertical by...

...dragging the bottom through the dirt.

After the last pole has been pulled upright...

...the elephants clear the spaces in front of

the tent openings by pulling the stakes out.

Now it's time to put on the show.

The amazing elephant...

...brings the Circus to life!







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