Gallery:  ColdFusion ASP PHP Shootout


If you want a data-driven web site, you’ll need server-side scripting. ColdFusion, ASP (Active Server Pages) and PHP are three of the most widely used server-side scripting engines. The capacities of any one of these is probably going to cover all of the needs of most companies that would use them. So how do you choose?

If the choice is not dictated by an obvious external matter such as your existing software and hardware investments, then the decision will probably end up mostly based on subjective perceptions of the development environment. There will be a sense of what fits for your particular organization in the way functionality is structured. Although all of these three scripting engines can accomplish the same tasks, the details of the way they do their jobs is quite markedly different.

Here you will find a handy summary of the key areas of functionality. Within this task-oriented framework you can quickly gain an overview of the unique qualities and flavor in the way each one solves development problems.

The information is technical. These products are technical. If you have a stake in the success of the applications for which a server-side scripting engine is required, then the gist of the technical information presented here should not be beyond your ability to follow, even if you are strictly a decision maker with no other reason to ever look at a line of code.

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